Intro (what's he know about garbage?)
reality - black merda
jersey thursday - abstract truth
lost - the darlettes
garbage - ringo angel
collage - james gang
be a hobo - moondog
run down every street - the haunted
garbage man blues - milton brown and the musical brownies
junk man - ken nordine
life is but nothing - p.p. arnold
dustcracks, bugs and roaches - the purpose
celestial blues - andy bey
celestial blues - gary bartz
busy streets - hutton school choir
suzanne - nina simone
stories of the street - leonard cohen
a day in the life - wolfgang duaner
junk man - the celebration
out in the streets - the shangri-las
dirt and grime - father's children
garbage city - the street cleaners
some things just stick in your mind - dick and dee
59th street bridge song - al cooper
the wolf - darondo
lonely town, lonely street - al jarreau and lou rawls
living for the city (intro) - ramsey lewis
new york mood/the part you throw away - tom waits
everybody's talking at me - holy spirit school
garbage man - prison work song
pick up the pieces - archie mckay 
play with fire - barbara and ernie
stone junkie - curtis mayfield
lost mi love - yellowman
pieces of a man - gil scott heron