millkshake (inst) on 33 - kelis 
ripped open by metal explosions - the first natural hair band 
prisoner of love - bo diddley 
i ain't never seen a white man - wolfman jack 
psychotic reaction - brenton wood 
funkier than a mosquito's tweeter - nina simone 
i'm a human radio station - black pope 
eternal life - shira small 
lost - the darlettes 
exodus - hank and carrol diamond 
drip drop - dion 
please mr dj - jan bradely 
uska dara - eartha kitt 
transistor radio - george coleman 
white houses - eric burdon & the animals 
the dark continent contribution - bill justis 
things we said today - daniela 
the heel - june carter cash 
my love is - little willie john 
ghost dance - truett and george 
cod liver oil and the orange juice - hamish imlach 
marie - john standberry jr. 
be my husband (live, ' 87) - nina simone 
here come the girls - ernie k. doe 
troglodyte (cave men) - jimmy castor bunch 
no chance - gentlemen 
skeleton w/ headphones -junk science 
midnight - a tribe called quest 
plantasia - mort garson 
rocky raccoon - lena Horne & gabor szabo 
super shine number 9 - badder than evil
you've got a lot to learn - henrietta and the hairdooz 
surf rider - eden ahbez 
the end of silence - elaine brown 
oh great god of power - ragni, rado & macdermont 
take 'em - last good tooth 
swing low, sweet cadillac - aggie duke 
roll dem bones - john tee 
quit it - miriam makeba 
mercy, mercy, mercy - cannonball adderley