the islands speak - john barry 
wade in the water - harmonizing four 
cool drink of water - gun club 
muddy water - the cats and the fiddle 
big fish - big mama thornton 
le water chute - the moog synthesizer 
troublesome water - pinder family 
let the water run down - pj proby 
eden's island - eden ahbez 
muddy waters - the fabulettes 
underwater - ghostface 
to a sea horse - moondog 
the day i drank a cold glass of water - w.c fields 
cool water - the sons of the pioneers 
bridge over troubled water - dennis coffey 
take me to the water - nina simone 
aqua density - jean-jaques perry 
poem by the sea - eric burdon 
underwater wah wah - ennio morricone 
rivr of men - tom waits & john lurie 
i cover the waterfront - billie holiday 
keeper of the sea - bruce norman quintet 
let's wade in the water - marlena shaw 
wade in the water - ramsey lewis trio 
water song - incredible string band 
let's make the water turn black - frank zappa 
you left the water runnin' - maurice and mack 
rainy night - sinn sissamouth 
i wish it would rain - the cougars 
rain, rain, go away - bob azaam 
go ahead in the rain - a tribe called quest 
rain is a lonesome thing - the hillsiders 
waterfall - lone pigeon 
one glass of water - the bees 
walking on water - richard hell 
water fight - galt mcdermont 
smoke on the water - senor coconut and his orchestra 
three little fishes - kay kyser and his orchestra 
fountains of the dept of water and power - beaver and krause 
the sailor and the mermaid - libby titus and dr john 
at home in the sea - javelin 
rain and tears - aphrodite's child 
bring a little water, sylvie - lonnie donegan 
little water boy - little stevie wonder & clarence pul
new world water - mos def 
toda essa agua - lo borges 
the water gobbler - lord ivanhoe and his carribean knights 
cool water - walter brennan 
agua de beber - astrud gilberto 
my island - paulette williams