la vieio mostro - ZNR 
open the morning window, sunshine comes in, the hope of today - magical power mako
signing the blues (reggae) - mary macreary 
ocean of tears - big maybelle smith 
a hard day's night - ramsey lewis trio 
ne t'en fais pas - gillian hills 
put the blame on mame - rita hayworth 
mr. ghost goes to town - the five jones boys 
do you wanna know a secret - keeley smith 
run for your life - johnny rivers 
my carousel - david mcallum 
be - the last poets 
rocket number 9 take off for the planet venus - sun ra and his arkestra
please mr. jailer - wynona carr 
what was that thing that i saw you with last night - lucifer 
in-a-gadda-da-vida - mongo santamaria 
i saw him standing there - the supremes 
winos on parade - marga benetez and the mello-tones 
i want a lip - april stevens 
evil woman - t.d valentine 
christine - marisa 
calypso blues - mona baptiste 
buck - nina simone 
you can sell anything - das racist 
fire by the river - harumi 
man, oh man - the persuasions 
in my life - miriam makeba 
delta dawn - clifford curry 
what time is it? - the jive five 
sign song - buddy baker 
let the drums speak - fatback band 
running away - paul haig 
the sweet sounds of summer - the shangri-las
bolero - omnibus wind ensemble 
talk talk talk talk radio
clowns - beatnuts & biz markie 
night fever - the don neal collection 
house of jack - james royal 
in the basement part 1 - sugar pie desanto & etta james 
i got you (i feel good) - billy preston 
pony - annette peacock 
rhymes like dimes - mf doom & cucumber slice