samoa - dick polydor 
goodbye victoria - chubby checker 
running free - stoned hair 
purple stew - thurston harris 
purple haze - d'swooners 
wooshp. oom, sff-ahhhh! - lincoln chase 
blue moon baby - dave day 
skeleton in the closet - louis armstrong 
take five - the fentones 
walk with me - the addicts rehabilitation center choir 
cumbia en du menor - lito barrientos y su orchestra 
come on home - louis "blues boy" jones 
i want you back - harold mabern 
country fool - the showmen 
take it off - groundhog richardson 
good day sunshine - roy redman 
cocaine in my brain - dillinger 
reggae in the wind - lester sterling 
kabuan moogda - wairoon (teenager) 
on broadway - gary numan 
on broadway - the coasters 
ozzie guillen - serengetti 
sock it my way - animated egg 
the touchables theme: all of us - nirvana 
plitskoveri - ukulele orchestra of great britan 
women's liberation - hill-dillies 
fragile (handle with care) - larry taylor 
love comes tumbling down - dimples jackson 
love is the only way - rikki llionga 
meat chips - ladies big and tall 
fire - the lords 
cause you're mine - the vibrators 
comme un fou - jimmy & les kingbees 
kick hit 4 hit kick you - john lee hooker 
cocktail time - rae bourbon 
sometimes i feel like a motherless child - leo wright 
ani mamin - moishe oysher 
there aint no grave gonna hold my body down - brother claude ely
you don't love me - junior wells 
tomorrow you're gone - hasil adkins 
chill with honey - danny bell & the bell hops 
hooh abhi main jawan - geeta dutt 
don't eat the yellow snow - frank zappa