motorboy's fate - stuart copeland 
happy new year to you - the qualities 
three-five-zero-zero - broadway cast (divine hair) 
(if you see a devil) smash him - original cast / melvin van peebles
chocko mo feendo hey - baby dodds trio 
nautilus - b. bumble & the stingers 
swamp water - the chantels 
lost in the jungle - bob center 
lady madonna - jack cain and roy kral 
watermelon man - (excerpt) 
mope-itty mope - the boss-tones
dick tracy - the chants
cerveza - cherry wainer 
have you ever seen the blues? - yaphet kotto 
tuangchai boonparaksa - pee lok 
drank up all the wine last night - sticks mcghee 
porky pig - mel blanc
the biggest bundle - eric burdon
gone forever - chrissy zeppy tembo 
you cut up the clothes in the closet of my dreams - joshie jo armstead & Melvin Van Peebles
the world is a stage - melvin van peebles 
talky talk talk - with melvin van peebles
BM trilogy pt. 1 - melvin van peebles 
??? - melvin van peebles 
the apple stretching - grace jones (written by melvin van peebles)
jerome - jim sullivan 
death song - king king original cast 
dink's song - dave von ronk 
hare krishna - hair rave up 
spooky - boris gardener & the happening 
swamp band - johnny mcrae 
sing a simple song of freedom - the spirit of us 
exodus - lenny dee 
spill the wine - isley brothers
love, that's america - melvin van peebles