hair - john sangster 
boy you better watch it girl - beatrice kay 
ali shuffle - jw grasshopper and the butterfly 
peggy-o - hoyt axton 
in my life - nina simone 
shady grove - mimi & richard farina & Jean ritchie 
at our fireplace - deke watson & the brown dots 
b'wanna bongos - preston epps 
a fool on a mule in the middle of the road - wash board willie
keep your hand on the plow - mahaila jackson 
song of the nairobi tribe - the fortune tellers 
with a little he;p from my friends (acapella) - ringo & friends
when you were mine - dent may and his magnificent ukulele
stop whistling wolf - eve boswell 
come back juanita - juan montego and his havana band 
paper sun - papercut 
louie louie - richard berry and the pharoahs 
people are strange - mike curb and the waterfall 
there was a light - shirley ann lee 
sloop dance - the vibrations 
my girl sloopy - killer joe's discotheque 
tu m'oublies - planetes 
turn to me - the jays 
tell me you're mine - the four sonics plus one
why sorrow done passed me around - ephram carter and his fife & drum band
the bloody neat - malvina reynolds 
house of the rising sun - joseph 
feeling good - chrissy zeppo tembo
Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me 'Round - Civil Rights Movement Folks
what's the new mary jane? - the beatles 
once you understand - encounter 
horse with a freeze - roy ward 
the girl from kenya - the fabulous counts 
from home - the troggs 
phone call - buddy holly 
early in the morning - louis jordan & his typanny five 
buffoon - phil krauss 
hair - mort garson 
hope to meet you - ??? 
peepin in and out of windows - the jaynetts 
white cat in heat - the godz 
i scare myself - dan hicks 
time ole story - gary us bonds 
paul's groove - stetasonic 
every brother ain't a brother - panache 
cecilia - pinto veraz 
king size papa - julia lee