bamboo and rice - bill osborn
voo doo dolly - jimmie hombs with the invictus and the hollywood rebels
fragment of fear - johnny harris
tl's sleepwalk - terry lee
eyes look your last - ragni, rado, and macdermot
happy mother's day - david peel 
minnie the moocher - gary u.s. bonds
que sera sera - the high keys
the moon over cuba was high and so was i - antobal's cubans
my wife i ain't see her - pigmeat markham
abana bakana - the yamasuki singers
freak off - orquesta harlow
light my fire - northgate high school band
cold - nancy dupree
senor blues - jeri southern
henri salvador - mais non, mais non
ekkoleg - chichi y los putos del orto
limericks - terri 'cup cakes' o'mason
the cleopatra kick - jack la forge
woke up this morning - the freedom singers
respect yourself - 5 revolutions
dj blues - red hewitt and the buccaneers
burnt toast and black coffee - mike pedicin
oh red - the harlem hamfats
telstar - hot butter
les oubliettes - serge gainsboug
bitties in the bk lounge (maseo's verse) - de la soul
rock the message rap - grand master chillly t. & stevie g
theme from quantum leap - dr. sam beckett
oh that's nice - pete rodriguez
please help - the dukays
si la guerra en un buen negocio - los speakers
aquarius rock - augustus pablo & herman
looking for an echo - the persuasions
lovin spoonful - reverend gary davis
coffee blues - missippippi john hurt
spanish twist - the isley brothers
ain't no sunshine - the shirelles
shiawise no michi - the wild ones
my sweet lord - nina simone
what is new orleans pt. 2 - kermit ruffins & the rebirth brass band
born on the bayou - the x'lents
backfire - unknown vocal group
once you understand - the leonard family
soul vibration - the teacher
the hat - sesame street