me and my arrow - hugo montenegro 
mother witch - victor uwaifo 
I'm a man - the spiders 
this train - au go-go singers 
burning grass - don gere 
ghandi mahndi mahndi - big baby ghandi 
the fate of mary jo kopechne - rueben ware 
little red spinning wheel - guitar ray 
i think we're alone now - lene lovich 
jerry the mule (timber) - josh white 
homeboy - mr. wiggles 
come on back - paul ritchie and the cryin shames 
hey lupe! - los rockin devils 
turn on your love light - bobby blue bland 
en un lugar un nino - psigio 
requiem in a key I don't know - shilpa ray and her happy hookers 
dream city - jeremy storch 
tradewind - eden ahbez 
higher ground - doug carn 
little boxes - donovan 
my middle name is the blues - abner jay 
tomorrow's people (the children of today) - mcdonald and giles 
je te retrouverais - baris manco 
fish in the sea - frootful 
my man called me - big mama thornton 
dig daddy shack - madman taylor 
got to have some - willie mabon 
the beat generation - billy daniels 
a father's prayer - franklin mccormack 
a thrill in disguise - machingbird 
happy in love - wilbert harrison 
voodoo - cyril diaz & his orchestra 
peoples - stone coal white 
big fad spider - heinz and the wild boys 
let's organize - organized konfusion 
a love problem - eldridge holmes 
a rhythm message pt 1 - troy marrs 
halime - cahit oben 
cherrystones - jimmy smith 
where did our love go - the haircuts and impossibles 
no more ghettos in america - stanley winston 
dokhtar e darya - group takhala ha 
mood indigo - jean jaques perry 
in the courtyard of the stars - nirvana 
if you dont give a doggone about it - james brown