sound museum - ken nordine
afro blue - the ace of cups
house of lords(joe, beat the drum) - isidro (chico) misquez and his house of lords orchestra
khon chai rai (heartless one) - phiangphit sirwilai
st. james infirmary - the graham bond orginazation
(we are) new york lightning - the voices of east harlem
you can't stop me now - the marion gaines singers
little bit of soul - the zig zag people
"a loaf of bread..." - sesame street
somebody's watching you - little sister
the boat i row - lulu
baby get it on - ike and tine turner
for this i thank you - gino parks
in sherwood forest - thorn and the four roses
when gabriel blows his horn - harry bray and the wheels
sukiyaki - kyu sakamoto
chanson d'orphee - fanny audret
black eyes - the tielman brothers
tezeta / auto workers explain capitalism & racism - tesfa-maryam kidane
we do the work - jon fromer
i'll wait for you - assagai
i'm the lover man - little jerry williams
the rev. hell gets confused - richard hell
rainbow - gene chandler
wrong number, i am sorry, goodbye - aaron neville
funny how time slips away - joe tex
exotic guitar - peter de angelis
how many times - the jagged edge
que sera sera - os incriveis
free bobby now - lumpen
il est cinq heures, paris s'eveille - jacques dutronc
anne waldman - uh oh plutonium
scarborough fair - the coolies
little vagabond - rene and rene
the slop - the olympics
she smiled sweetly - the love affair
knee - what capitalism was
losing - marianne faithfull
bad balance - ?????
hotter reggae music - welton irie
simigwado - steneboofs
goodnight andy - miki obata