orleans - david crosby
bongo man - count ossie and the mystic revelation of rastafari
summertime - dave "baby"cortez
easy woman - yays & nays
it's okay - joe bravo
you don't care - the techniques
bah bah blacksheep - bascom lamar lumsford
bo diddley - down home train
alarm clock boogie - billy briggs
it happened on a tuesday - the honey bees
tequila - babu band
african twist - the lat-teens
monkeying around - georgie fame
let it out (let all hang out) - the hombres
things have changed - prince la la
she caught me red hot - s.e. rogle
sandy - the beach boys
moriphon - unkown egyptian shit
asob a luz do sol - a bossa eletrica
all about money - spontaneous overflow
california dreamin' - 386dx
california dreamin' - the tru-tones cobo of st.lucia
dancing on the moon - the fabulous echoes
requiem for sarah - mouse and the traps
fever - ray peterson
take five - val bennet
don't be angry - nappy brown
purple haze - svetlyo zhilev
birds and brass - theme from shaft
stranded in the jungle - the vibrations
holy thursday - david axelrod
maven of the moog #1 - gershon kingsley
hash smoking chicks - d. gongos or bayiaderas
sunny - the happening four
let it be - rita and the soulettes
sesame street - scotty
won't that be a happy time - louise and joseph
theme for a DJ - tremolons
psycha bourree - les fleurs de pavot
the wolf won't howl no more - little wolf
money & me - barret strong
champagne cheree - king errison
african love - the young sirs
needles and pins - the monarchs
jamiquino (jamaica) - sexteto la playa
summertime - the malibus
the dervish - marika papagika
train your child - washington phillips