lullaby of the leaves - roy smeck
and i love him - esther phillips
please evelina - johnny mcfarland
interview - little richard
one mint julep - the persuasions
sakatumi - louis jordan
misirlou - georgia drake
wear your love like heaven - eartha kitt
touch me if you can - nahid akhtar
if i had a hammer - nicky thomas
swing and turn jubilee - jean ritchie
they'll be a jubilee - sunset jubilee singers
they'll be a jubilee - the andrews sisters
who dat? - mr rain
on the spot - geraldo pino
funky - the chambers brothers
joey - 79.5 (LIVE IN STUDIO)
boy don't be afraid - 79.5 (LIVE IN STUDIO)
x-mas song - 79.5 (LIVE IN STUDIO)
same love that made me laugh - margie joseph
black rhythm happening - eddie gale
yummy yummu yummy - rita chao
the buffalo skinners - ray boguslav
pretty fly - walter shumman featuring sally jane bruce
better days - graham nash
tusk - fleetwood mac
abazali - sylvia ncediwe mdunyelwa
we are god, god is us - ray manzarek
riders on the storm - annabel lamb
egypt strut - salah ragab
shop around - the liverbirds
lil red riding hood - willie bobo
fleurs de pavots bleus - charlotte walters
calypso blues - jimmy bowman
i need a fat girl - the heptones
un p'tit beguin - jaqueline nero
fiebre - los johnny jets
ghost riders in the sky - bet lynch's legs
talky talk talk - talk with 79.5
OOO - 79.5
boogie - 79.5
hittin' on nuthin' (1977) - irma thomas