i am your puppet - james Harbior
bang bang - terry reid
play with fire - barbara & ernie
you're no good - betty everett
stand by me - spyder turner
if I had a hammer - wanda jackson
si j'avais un marteau (live) - les surfs
hit the road jack - big youth
say you are my friend - ghetto brothers
beachbummer - houndstooth
a taste of honey - holy spirit school
endless sleep - jody reynolds
call me - the chambers brothers
it's so hard to break the habit - the webs
blue skies - the webbs
timbuctu - billy duke
quittin' time - the womenfolk
i only have eyes for you - jimmy bee
hey jude - godfrey daniel
belle maman - richard anthony
matilda (live @ canegie hall) - harry belafonte
hold on, I'm comin - teddy and darrel
rien rien rien - claude francois
southern fried chicken pt 2 - bill thomas and the fendells
mis dos pequenas - orlando "cachaito" lopez
bent elnas - abu el leef
i will follow him - dee dee sharp
after laughter (comes tears) - sweet tea
stud spider - tony joe white
don't put me down - el chicano
brown girl - exuma
blind hog - skokiaan
from way up here - pete seeger
hammer and nails - the staple singer singers
mysterious mose - r. crumb
kill the sexist - pussy riot
live and let live - love
don't think twice it's alright - heinz and the wild boys
cuban rhumbarini - slim gaillard
yum yum - naafi sandwhich
honey - the dells
i have an aged mother - the webbs