light my fire - the watts 103rd st. band
tu no eres bueno - las quatro modenas
on broadway - esquerita
me and my rhythm guitar - johnny powers
nina - the rocky fellers
cow cow yicky yicky ya (jesse james) - lead belly
rain - the beatles
white rabbitt - gabor szaabo & the california dreamers
neighbor jacqueline - wrangler
ubbi dubbi - zoom
talking thunderbird blues - townes van zandt
full cycle - ill wind
lee hazelwood - boots
mickey's monkey - d'swooners
I got some - sugar billy gardner
est-ce que tu m'aimes? - nancy holloway
life is a dance - nazir ali feat nahad akhtar and menhaz
the green leaves of summer - the brothers four
pair bonding (cathy's theme) - jimmy webb
my whole world ended - david ruffin
walk on gilded splinters - johnnie jenkins
shadow of the boomerang - jimmy little
another lonely saturday - dee dee warwick
la la la la la - the lasalles
looking for all (rendered truth) - lonnie holley
vehicle - wess and the airedales
no strings attached - the mad lads
los pollitos - suni paz
creation - the latinaires
the epic splendor - cowboys and indians
who'll be the next in line - the kinks
kathy spanish - chris rainer and the elrods
one grain of sand - pete seeger
so long, stay well - holy spirit school
sweet jane - cowboy junkies
om hari - ravi shankar
cancion dwe orfeo - los zafiros
kermit ruffins - beseme mucho
what don't you want me to be - lee moses
i'll slip away - rodriguez
danger! she's a stranger - the 5 stair steps
that's how strong my love is - the in crowd
baby love - annie phillips
child of the moon (instrumental) - the rolling stones
59th st bridge song - southwest FOB
hum hum hum - frank alamo
haan yeh pyar hai - dillagi (OST)