nature boy - eden ahbez
suzanne - aretha franklin
the riot is over - les chakachas
always something there to remind me - lou johnson
she's fine she's mine - the king beats
please don't leave me - the radiants
uh-huh - les surfs
i was there at the coronation - young tiger
hold hands - millie small
hit the road jack (demo) - percy mayfield
hit the road jack - the animals
lving in the future in a plastic dome - country joe mcdonald
mr hound dog's in town - roy brown
fade out in the west - ennio morricone
when i was a cowboy - jim kweskin and the jug band
no one knows what's going on in my mind but me - the chiffons
educated fool - charles brown and amos milburn
betty jean - johnny halo
twist twist senora - gary "US" bonds
si tu m'aimes encore - nino ferrer
mountain dew - the flying dutchman
bubble gum - brigitte bardot
enferma nocturna (whiskey baron's remix) - cawibe
la la la (land of 1000 dances) - the vandogs
mirza - nino ferrer
my chinese girl likes kung fu fighting - the chinese fighters
got nobody to love - terry tim
willie the weeper - the kartunes
the word game - benny spellman
jump rope rhyme - illinois school children
bus stop - los geminis
greenwhich village fashions - newsreal
chili beans - chuck gallegos and the fabulous cyclones
until then - esquerita
i had a horse - mecki mark men
if this is love - geno washington & the ram jam band
sinner man - tommy sands
tell her (him) - gil hamilton
dile - rosalia
hard to handle - carl dawkins
for you - barbera & ernie
talky talky talky - talking 
tak shindo - tumbling tumbleweeds
blue moon - r. zimmerman
the sausage - baldhead growler
i feel for you - noriko yamamoto