bla bla bla bla cha cha cha - petty booka
essassa manbo - kasagi shizuko 
beetle squash - sonny boch's elephants 
aba-daba-do dance - the tradewinds 
psychedelic woman - honny & the bees band 
sister big stuff - john holt 
little indian girl - billy and the moonlighters 
no bums allowed - eden ahbez 
goomba boomba - yma sumac 
ain't no sunshine - carl mcnight's sweat and steel drums band 
feelin alright - the undisputed truth 
breakfast lunch and dinner - kermit ruffins 
il beat .....cos'è - la ragazza 77 
toreo - the southlanders 
sixteen pounds - gloria becker 
candle light - benny soebardja and lizard 
cantaloupe island - big lou 
harlem underground band - soulsnic force 
mr tambourine man - william shatner 
lou johnson - frisco here i come 
san francisco bay blues - ramblin' jack elliot 
san francisco chinatown - watanabe hamako 
jack kerouac - san francisco scene 
tighten up - eddy mitchell 
son in law - louise brown 
in the pines - odetta 
sh-boom - hermanas navarro 
working in a coal mine - eldridge holmes 
black rose - martha velez 
nature boy - jose feliciano 
old western movies - william burroughs 
two ringos from texas - OST 
san no rosaria - three graces 
long tokes - cavalier 
fuoco - popi 
hidden charms - howlin wolf 
bear rug - tony rodelle larson 
i'm here with your heavy stuff - isabel sykes 
prince of peace - pharoah sanders