past, present, and future - the shangri-las
walking in the sand - the rollicks
when i was seventeen - bodo
long time ago - charlie feathers
original man - abstract truth
those were the days - mary hopkin
those were the days - baja marimba band
when i was young - the carnabeats
yesterday's dream - shades of black lightning
trogladyte (cave man) - the jimmy castor bunch
yesterday - willie bobo
i had a good father and mother - washington phillips
that shocking shaking day - IVO's group
my past just crossed my future - four tops
we remember - curly moore
when i was a young girl - nina simone
when i was single - peggy seeger
cowboys to girls - the intruders
pastime paradise - ray barretto
bang bang - stevie wonder
let's forget about the past - clyde mcphatter
be here now - ram dass
the time has come today - the chambers brothers
now now now - jerry keller
today - jefferson airplane
today - tom scott
tomorrow's yesterday - the royal flairs
yesterday is here- tom waits
today today - prakash band
our generation - ernie hines
all we need is understanding - chairmen of the board
now is the time - charles manson
the world we live in - the politicians / noam chomsky talking about the internet
the new generation - the chambers brothers
heir ou demain - marianne faithful
here today and gone tomorrow - s. williams
things we said today - daniela
before i grow too old - millie small
the year 2000 - estelle
think of the future - de frank and his professionals
bendix - the tomorrow people - raymond scott
1983 - a merman I shall turn to be - gil evans and his orchestra
1983 a merman I shall turn to be - jimi hendrix experience
the future shock of the world - james brown
future shock - curtis mayfield
my future - kin ping meh
our future - lucky peterson
don't you want to stay? - bill withers
living in the future in a plastic dome - country joe mcdonald
i remember you from the future - krups
22nd century - exuma
22nd century - nina simone
30th century man - scott walker