hear me calling your name - the graham bond organization
alone amongst the crowd - peter grudzien
for one moment - lee hazlewood
the party - chakachas
pico sepulveda - felix figueroa & his orchestra
i've got a story to tell you - kavetts
it ain't whatcha do - little richard
nobody's buisness but my own - taj mahal
vilionitendia - kilwa jazz band
cha cha cha at the harem - al castellonos
the monkeys have no tails in pago pago - milt herth trio
you're my girl - manfred mann
black or white - lester bowie brass fantasy
blame it on the stones - kris kristofferson
have you thought about freedom lately? - eddie paul
me and bobbie mcgee - thelma houston
freedom & terrorism - robert anton wilson
everybody knows - o.v. wright
shadow street - kip tyler
besame mucho - jack costanzo
ta hu wa hu wa i - andy iona & his islanders
ob-la-di-ob-la-di - los rockin' devils
hot buns - willy baby
money blues - archie shepp
ancient days - go my son - lamanite generation
elenor rigby (woodstock party - bonfire?) - joan baez
uska dara - john scott trotter
little red riding hood - al "jazzbo" collins
i wish i was a mole in the ground - bascam lamar lunsford
cat paws - honeybee ridge
love is something (magic penny) - malvina reynolds
in my life - jackie robinson
the ghetto code (dot dot dit dit dot dot dash) - gil scott-heron
for no one - maceo parker & all the kings men