the world is a ghetto - amral's trinidad cavaliers streel drum orchestra
laughing over my grave - ray stevens
for you - the stylers
brown boy - al sears and the sparrows
moon walk - king solomon
volcano - three suns
go away from my world - marianne faithfull
three cool cats - the beatles
walking on the moon - reverend jamel and bob johnson
that's the sound of my man (working on the chain gang) - theola kilgore
needle in a haystack (acapella) - the velvettes
promessario - noriel valela
silly billy - mari elliot
eternal love - jackie opel
just some more haaa-sheesh - jd and the evil's dynamite band
preludium cis moll - josef vobruba se svym orchestrem
cinturao de fogo - marisa rossi
chico chica boom - bruno lomas
hot mama - the chanters
the cheat - screaming lord such
tracy had a hard day sunday - sonny and the sunsets
river rock part 2 - froggy landers and the cough drops
the time it takes - alan dean and his problems
louise - the nu sounds
dark - julie london
woman of the green lantern - the exception
piledrive - dennis the fox
veo visiones - los gritos
eleanor rigby - zoot
istambul - the jumping jewels
i run to hide - anita harris
further asmoto celebration - principal edwards magic theatre
running away - the raincoats
green onions - mark leeman
don't wear black, green suits you better - omar souleyman
kuch gabad hai - babla & kanchan
no paras hasta tener lo sufficente - los miticos del ritmos
billie jean - caetano velosa
god only knows - pp arnold
inquire within - carol leigh and hank mindlin
lay lady lay - brothers and sisters
dry bread - merle travis
fly into the mystery - jonathan richman and the modern lovers
tell it like it is - dirty dozen brass band
aaron neville - mickey mouse march