chills and fever - fabienne delsol  

hot nuts - blackie kidd  

serutan yob - unnatural seven  

kisses sweter than wine - the scarecrow  

sankofa - hypnotic brass ensemble    

i crept into the crypt and cried - homer and jethro  

two ladies in de shade of de banana tree - josephine premice  

sunshine superman/cry like a baby - trini lopez  

paitence africa - ngiyathandi nsizwa

let's do it in the road - radio ad  

are you a boy or are you a girl the barbarians

play with fire - the andrew oldham orchestra  

guantanamo bay - gil richards  

gypsy woman - the fabulous peps  

descandadena mi corazon - fresia soto    

gone to the moon - the savages  

child of the sky - the deviants    

clouds - dave von ronk

pretty saro - r. zimmerman    

tractor - ramblin jack elliot    

iko iko - rolf harris    

sixteen tons - CCS II    

my hawaiian home - bobby brown   

i'm a believer - idris muhammad   

za  man kiam (I'm a believer) - ??

i've been watching you (alt. version) - southside movement  

i know him - holy disciples    

moses smote the water - the masters of harmony  

shadrach - bobby scott    

it's too late  - willie hightower 

life is but nothing - twice as much

pretty saro - peggey seger

water water - tommy steele and the steelmen   

i'm a soldier boy - dee clark

6 o'clock - total eclipse   

worlds' fair - skatalites featuring stranger cole    

suave-toi - sylvie vartan  

the flying clouds of detroit                      

for what it's worth - king curtis and the kingpins    

money - spontaneous overthrow  

piri piri - paulo diniz

you can't do that harry nilsson  

i feel fine - os inflexos    

love in the cemetary -  king barou    

undeground (demo) -  curtis mayfield  

tonights the night - redman    

troubled people - the heads of the family  

kings of mali - chico freeman