caravan - james last and bert kaempfert
hippies - serge gainsbourg and bridgette bardot
hammer - faye adams
the sloppy madison - jack gale
take the "a" train - delta rhythm boys
i like london in the rain - blossom dearie
go insane (demo) - the doors
 you talk too much - zalman yanovsky
a sailor's song - key boys
on broadway - the crystals
heap big chief - muzzy marcellino
walk softly and carry a big heartache - the circles
the voodoo man - the del vikings
what i'd say - rod hunter
what i'd say - gene mckay and the ebb tides
armageddeon version - willie and the soundmention
my world is empty without you - marsha hunt
betiendo palmas - alicia granados
glowin' - dr. john
leaving my old life behind- jonathan halper
waiting for the man (demo) - lou reed
all the oil in texas - oscar mcdollie and his honey jumpers
run joe - jubliaires
the wanderer (demo) - ernie maresca
tattle o'day - r. zimmerman
the thresher - abner jay
jellyfish - jean-jacques burnel
nah anad - man city lion
if i had a hammer - the four tops
god only knows - the four king cousins
miserlou - the caribs
africa - albatros
2001 - life
sharevari - a number of names
way down in the hole - tom waits
one - nilsson
ti fi la out te madam - amzala, dolor, velo
queer things - ruth wallis
me robabron mi runamula - juaneco y su combo
wrong side of the tracks (demo) - artifacts
rat catching - crispen glover
if you wanna to be happy - the keys
i like it like that - the nashville teens
take five - paul desmond
fever - sam butera and the witnesses
me and my tune -max wall
the ballad of sad young men - miriam makeba