booji boy's funeral - devo
rhythm blues - amiri baraka  
black is beautiful - apostles  
useless - the harlem kiddies featuring king george  
kill it - the antwinettes  
freedom blues - roy richards  
no, no, no - boogaloo assassins  
as tears go by - char  
land of the silver birch - fred penner
dile - karina  
a taste of honey - beatles  
the world turned upside down - holly tannen  
goodbye daddy goodbye - barbara dane  
ali shuffle - j.w. grasshopper and the butterfly  
muhammad ali - mack rice  
amiri baraka - shazam doo-wah  
patsy girl - ross mcmanus and the joe loss blue beats  
the work song - chuck jackson  
together we dance - panbers  
misirlou - the jokers  
double barrel - dave and ansel collins  
boppin with the mambo- sultans  
bang bang - bozo dog band  
los sonidos del silencio - los yorsys  
dead flowers (studio) - townes van zandt  
gonna be an engineer - peggy seeger  
knock knock - the humane society  
la luna es blanca la noche es negra - los iracundos
hole in my soul - the preachers  
stormy weather - the four casts  
storm warning - mac rebennack  
love love love - the feminine complex
seras para mi - los hooligans  
nightmare - jaye triplets  
suicide is painless - the ventures  
we live in peace - marijata  
you're no good - swinging blue jeans  
hope she'll be happier - bill withers  
am i a good man? - them two  
tears on my pillow - rudy mills
let's jump the broomstick - brenda lee  
we are one big happy family - choir of all saints  
though it hurts me babypp arnold
it'll be over - supreme jubilees
no one gonna stop us now - willie williams
memory lanenas