E.V.R. - Jean-Jacques Perrey
Think Of Me - Black Merda
On The Horizon - Ben E. King
Shadows On My Wall - The Poppy Family
Pad - Fritz & Jerry
That's The Way It Is Out Here - Eddie & The Rays
Skydiving Accident - Last Good Tooth......
The Great Medical Menagerist - Harmonica Frank
One Kiss Led To Another - The Coasters
I Turned To The Bottle - Debbie Brimmer
Everybody Saw You - Ruby Andrews
Inner City Blues - James Last
Midnight Cowboy - Martin Denny
Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance - The Mothers Of Invention
Just Another Day In The Projects - Nas
Beautiful Scarlet - Capability Brown
Hard Times - The Young Pimps & The Nastys
People From Another World - The Jive Five
Hey Hey - First Moog Quartet
Dreadlocks In The White House - Junior Reid
Window Of My Eyes - Cuby & The Blizzards
3 is the Magic # - Elizabeth Mitchell
Love Power - Dusty Springfield
Jailhouse Blues - Andre Williams
Can't Call It - De La Soul
Kung Fu - The Upsetters
Tap Water - Dengue Fever
Left Right - Death Of Fashion
When The Night Falls - The Eyes
Blue Driver - Vetiver
Under Arrest - Big Beats
There's No Satisfaction - Manfred Hubler, & Sigfried Schwab
Watch Me Burn - Mike Furber
Of Dreams and Tombstones - The Purple Hearts
Tec - Tom Ze
Boulmamine - Orchestra Baoban
All Your Sisters - Mazzy Star
An Occasional Dream - David Bowie
To Russia My Homeland - ....and you will know us by the trail of dead
Portrait of Linda In Three Colors, All Black - Sonny Sharrock