Music Knows No Boundaries - Ladysmith Black Mambazo 
Soul Man - Rotary Connection 
El Tito - Los Yetis 
L'Ours gris (Running bear) - les Cinq Rocks, 
Ballad Of The Gypsy - Langston Hughes 
Run Joe - Louis Jordan 
Now That We've Found God - Greater Elizabeth Singers 
I Need Love - Calveys 
The 59th Street Bridge (Feelin' Groovy) - Al Kooper 
Let's Make Love - The Dynamic Four 
Tiger in the Night - Mandingo 
Purple Haze - Lost Dimension 
Transfusion - Scatman Crothers 
Yes Master - Don Carson & The Casuals 
Itty Bitty Pieces - James Ray 
Love Bug On The Loose - Freddy and Al 
Take A Hold Brothers And Sisters - Richard Caiton 
green plant - amanda ambrose 
Rythmofeeling - Jack Hendrix Tchikbaams 
Timarkyalèsh - Alèmayèhu Eshèté 
Sweep It Out In The Shed - Little Ann 
Mr. Slick - The TNT Band 
Play With Fire - Takkhalha 
Yoga Is As Yoga Does - Elvis Presley 
Danza negra - La Fresa Acida 
Who's That Black Mask Man - Teresa Black 
Push Wood - Jackie Opel 
Easy Street - Amanaz 
New York JD Blues - Pete Seeger 
Black Coffee - Carolyn Carpenter 
Beatnik Poem - Phillipa Fallon 
fever - Dave & The Saints 
Lady Day and John Coltrane - Penny Goodwin 
Lady Day and John Coltrane - Gil Scott-Heron 
O Captain, My Captain - The University Players 
Suzanne (alternate) - Nina Simone 
Sinner Man - Peter Tosh 
Abraham, Martin, and John - The Famous Butleraires 
The Key to Love - The Majestics 
Lili Marlene - Marlene Dietrich 
Kinsey Report - Lord Flea 
Everyday - Buddy Holly 
Reaping what I sow - ernie k-doe 
The End - lord creator