Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird) - Chuck Jackson
Such as Love - Cookie and the Cupcakes 
Chained To You - Tina Smith 
I'm on my way - Barbara Dane
Song of Deliverance pt 1. - Roy Hytower and the Crowd Pleasers 
Scarborough Fair - Synthesonic Sounds 
I Want A Love I Can See -The Temptations 
Foolish Boys - Becky Durnning & the Ardee's 
Life of Fortune and Fame - Sly & The Family Stone 
Take me to the Pilot -Odetta 
It Ain't What You Do, It's The Way How You Do It - Little Richard 
in the rain - The Debonaires 
Look At The Moon - The Amoebas 
Ding Ding Dong - Waipod Phetsuphan 
Rocombey - Lord Cobra and Pana-Afro Sounds 
The Pharaohs Love Y'all - The Pharaohs 
Paradise Lost - Upheaval 
What a Waste! - Ian Dury & The Blockheads 
Express Yourself (alt. version) - Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band 
I Come - Lee Perry 
Take Care Of Us - The Revelations 
Rain dance ballet -Orchestra and chorus International Style - Sister Carol 
Mi Primer Juguete - Los Yetis 
Johnny Bom Bonny - Link Wray 
Pretty Thing - Bo Diddley 
Here Comes the Ho-Dads - The Marketts 
Old smokey locomotion - little eva Runaway - The Strangers 
The Railroad Song - The Fiestas 
Parade Strut - JJ Johnson 
Brother Father Mother Sister - Tim Maia 
Viva Tirado - Los Mozambiques 
Jungle Fever - Sheba 
Paint It Black - Mo-Dettes 
Every N*r Is A Star - Boris Gardiner 
Every n*r - Big youth 
Concrete Reservation - Syl Johnson & The Pieces Of Peace 
Ga Na Da Ra Ma Ba, My Loving Korean Alphabet - Kim Jung Mi 
Spill The Wine - Lalo Schiffrin 
Life & Death in G & A, Pts 1 & 2 - Joe Hicks 
Sycamore Tree - Vernon Wray 
Baby Baby - The Crampton Sisters 
We Are the Young - Eddie & the Showmen 
London Girl - Sj & The Crossroads 
Pretty Boy - The Ace Of Cups 
Often Imitated, Never Duplicated - The Original Dartells 
goin' out of my head - willie bobo 
Girl, I Think I Love You - The Pair Extraordinaire 
didnt i - aretha franklin 
norma tenega - i'm the sky