Lorna - Sorgar Rajeant
Okey Doke - Duck Flowers
I've Got the Feeling I'm Falling - Jesse Pearson
Untitled - ???
White Boys - millie small & symarip
Sitting In The Park - Georgie Fame
Sunshine Day - Atomic Forest
Take Me Back To Cairo – Karim Shurky
The Trip - usha iyer & The Flinstones
Zoot Suit - The High Numbers
Guitar Interludes - Joe Pass
Across The Universe - Lightmyth
Check It Out - Wild Fire
We Wonna Give It To Her - Ngozi Family
hands christianderson - Allen Toussaint
The Road Of Life - Damon
What'd I Say - Lightnin' Hopkins
On The Rocks - The Ramrocks
Hippie Hindustan - Arun Amin & Bonnie Remedios
No. 1 Hippie On The Village Scene - Fifth Estate
You are my Sunshine - Los Canarios
Rainy night all over-- The Solid State
Sunshower - Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
Magalenha - Sergio Mendes
Wan-Tu-Wah-Zuree - George Tindley
Harvest Moon - Jane Birkin
Ooh Child - Stoned Hair
saxophone - the brute force steel band
chewy chewy /goody goody gumdrops -The Steps
You Can't Judge a Book - The Eruptions
Chick Habit - Mucca Pazza
What About You - Co-Real Artists
Oye Como Va - Little Joe & The Embers
They Say I Look Like God – Louis Armstrong
Plastic Jesus - Lalo Schifrin
It Was A Very Good Year - The Fabulous Flippers
On Broadway – Sly Stone