Kisses Sweeter Than Wine - The Scarecrow

Plastics Nevermore - Aphrodites Child 

Burnt Toast & Black Coffee  - Shorty Long

Cuban Mambo - Seeburg Corp.

Kingdom of Moo - Tommy Cherry and his Niteriders  

Any Day Now - The Exciters

Rain, Rain - Exciting Legion Aires

McKinley Mitchell - All of a Sudden

Juxtaposition - Jean-Bernard De Libreville

Elena (illco edit) - Imro Thompson

Jack That Cat Was Clean - Dr. Horse

I've Got To Space - Georgianna McCoy & The Classetts

Rock Steady - The Marvels

What's Happening Now - Infra Red Funk

Chase The Fascist - Max Romeo

El Alegrw Pescador - Ramon Ropain

Definitivni Konec - The Rebels

Lay The Cash on the Line - Ricky Lance

Knock Knock - Carol Fran

Pretty Woman - Curtis Byrd

We Got Latin Soul - Mongo Santamaria

Shala Shala Twist - Dark City Sisters

Bombay Sheher Haadason Ka Sheher Hai - Amit Kumar & Chorus

Rebel Disco - Brentford Disco Set

I Don't Know Why - Delroy Wilson

I Don't Know Why - Doreen Schaffer

Go Ahead and Burn - Bobby Moore's Rhythm Aces

Downstairs - Plas Johnson

OOOH-DIGA-GOW - Cecil Young Quartet 

I Wonder Freely - Samy Phillip

I Want Justice - Jimmy Hughes 

Socialist - Douglas Boothe

همدم یار - ناصر

Do Me Justice - S.E. Rogie

Field Commander Cohen - Leonard Cohen

Those Were The Days - Los Rockin' Devil's

What Fools We Mortals Be - Etta "Miss Peaches" James

I Need Love - Don Whyte

Pump Up The Krishna - Mukunda

Six Pack - ESG

Mr. President - Mark Hoback

*ideology & Beethoven's 9th - Slavoj Zizek*

Ode To Joy - Pete Seeger