Eh-uh-lan-weh-seh-uh-lan (An Arabic Chant That Means "Welcome") - Ella Jenkins

RESPECT - Mighty & The Malicumba A Go-Go

Love is a Nightmare - Johnny Darrow

West Wind - Letta Mbulu

Mephisto Cigars - Eddy Detroit

Walking Bass - Royal Jesters

I Want That - Bobby Hendricks

(Everything I Touched Turned To) GOLD - Joe Valino

Karate - The Emperors

Ghost Man - Endless Pulse

You’re All I Need To Get By - Nydia Caro, Ricardo Ray & Bobby Cruz

Coqueros - Norberto Romero con El Conjunto Dorita

Boom! Boom! Boom! - Tony Alvon and the Belairs

She Brings the Rain - Can

100 Years - Tommy Guerrero

Pretty Trees _ Ella Jenkins

Ene - Carlos Lamartine

Aquarius - ???

Luci, Fer y Sam - Kumbia Queers

Blue Shadow - Alan Parker

I'd Be Nowhere Without You - Nu People

Genevieve - Cymande

Be My Baby - The Marvels

A Monster - Nina Simone

The Way I Love My Baby (Milk Is Milk) - The Smith Girls

Sugar Man - Aldo Hubbins

Sugar, Sugar, Sugar - Felipe Dulzaides y sus Armonicos

Tequila - Dutton Percussion Trio

Stoned Is - Cynara

Not Enough Love - Blackout

Sneakers - G. Keith Alexander

Woman of Soul - The Rhead Brothers

Without a Prayer - Doulphus Singers

My Maria - Sir Jablonski

Tar and Cement - Chico Rio

Forbidden City - KALASANDRO!

Let’s Ball Ya’ll - Mc Kinley Edmonds

Lagniappe n°1 & n°2 - Sampy & The Bad Habits

I Don’t Want Nobody Else - Georgianna McCoy & The Classetts

Your Love Is Showing - Edwin Daugherty

Afro Americans - Jim Reese

Watch This Sound (For What It's Worth) - Slim Smith & The Uniques

Donnie - The Bermudas

Day Tripper - Rene & Rene

Nowhere Chick - Endless Pulse

Willie - Ray Straley

Moon Over Harlam, KY - Prides of Detroit

Golden Earrings - Peggy Lee