Return to Paradise - phil moore                                                                                                                                       
Mensaje - Hielo Ardiente
No One Else But You - The Eptones  
We The People - Allen Toussaint
Scottish Fling - Marti Barris
Congo Man - The Mighty Sparrow        
There's Aways Something There To Remind Me - The Esquires Combo
This Hotel - Dorsey Burnette
Calypso Blues - Zilla Mays

Minnie the moocher - Gary US Bonds
Music Revolution - Donald Jenkins & The Delighters
Future Days - Can

Chenar Le Blues - Les Abranis

Someone Switched Me On - Usha Uthup
Breakdown Brass - Nautilus (Hijacked)
Cumbia del Desierto - LOS DESTELLOS   
Sixteen Tons - I Giganti
Chinese Samba - The P.T.S.
Love Dance - Sondi Sodsai  
Come Along Dolly - Bill Sego   
Casandra - Dennis Brown           
Detroit Leaning - Exit    
Dreamin' - Chuck Senrick      
A World Mixed Up - Otis Skillings
Rain Down Soul - The Soultans
*talky talky talky*
Spooky - George Barnes

USSR - Wildfire

Express Yourself - The Exciters

Rumors - Jeffrey Turpin & Friends

Rico-a-Mundo - Wild Fang: The Band with 1,001 names

The Wozard of IZ - Mort Garson (Jaques Wilson - narrator)

Goldfinger - Byron Lee & The Dragonaires

Those Tender Moments - Teri Summers and The Librettos

People Get Ready - The Supreme Angels