Babalu - James Last    
Sixteen Tons - Stevie Wonder  
I'm Back - Tommy & The True Blue Facts                                                         
Le Lion Est Mort Ce Soir - Nancy Holloway
Harlem Nocturne - JJ Jones                                                                                      
Ding Dong - Carmen Taylor   
Sintayehu - Hailu Mergia   
Little Girl - Soul Throbs  
Ode To Billy Joe - Ebony Rhythm Band
More On Ode To Billy Joe - Teri & The MSR Singers  
the boy called billy joe - carroll   
Babalu - Yma Sumac    
Babalu Bad Boy - Mellow Man Ace
Vato's Brew - Don Julian and the Larks
Big Bad John - Big John Hamilton

un riparo per noi (with a girl like you) - Nomadi                                                                                           Los Chucos Suaves - Lalo Guerrero  
Along the Way - OCS    
I can't grow peaches on a cherry tree - Just Us     
lady be good - Sol Hoopii Trio

Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - The Pair

Welcome Stranger - Dian James

While Your Lover Sleeps - Leon Ashley
Pigs Knuckles Rice - Lloyd "Prince" Thomas & the Calypso Troubadours
Woman A Love In The Night Time - Lord Spoon & David
Guava Jelly - Bob Marley    
Guava Jelly - Herbie Mann  
Psychedelic Train - tomorrow's children   
Sgt. Bones - Wild Fang: The Band With 1001 Names    
Mosem-E-Gol (The Time Of The Blossom) - Parva  
Œuf En Clock (1988) - Xavier Jouvelet
Waiting For The Rain - Jade Stone & Luv
Our Love - Jennifer Lara    
Time To Go Home - Otis G Johnson    
it’s my mind - PURPLE WINE  
Forever Walks a Drifter - The Monzas   
Everybody loves the sunshine - Seu Jorge & Almaz
Cumbia Con Arpa - Hugo Blanco Su Arpa y Su Conjunto

The Feeling of Love - The Apostles 5

Living On a String - Wildfire

Poverty - The Master Rappers

Odo, Mewu Ama Wo - Aquai