Blue Rain - The Islanders

The Detroit Riot - Essie Moss & Rev. Robert Grant

Moscow Nights - The Caterina Valente Singers

Milwaukee (Vocal) - Black Earth Plus

Rajaat Laayoun - Abdou El Omari

Arkham - Spectre (Dominique Blanc Franquart)

I Like The Tenage Styles - L.V. Thurman

Southern Love - The Disciples


A Quoi Ca Sert Les Fleurs - Nancy Holloway

The Other People - Aphrodites Child

Hey Max - Les Charlots

Color Cafe - Roberto et Jose-Luis Penamaria

The Ghettosburg Address - Babs Gonzales

Funky Funky Street - The Life Rockerfellas

Dance With Me - Ellie Matt & The G.I's Brass

Pied Piper - Billy Williams

Tearz feat Lee Fields & The Shacks - El Michels Affair

Til Summer Comes Again - The Malibus

Summertime - Gatemouth Brown

Summertime - Roy Richards & The Soul Venders

Honey Love - Hotshots

The Persians Twist - Herb Zane

Freak-Out, U.S.A. - The Communication Aggregation

Tokyo - Caroussel

Mardi Gras Party (Part 2) - Timothea

New Orleans Music - Tony Wilson

Combate De Kung-Fu - Arver

Ruckus In Detroit - Count Bernadino & His Calypso Bacchinals

Happy Metal - Jimmy Carl Black

Radar Blues - Theremin with Vocal Group and Orchestra

Bendix 2: The Tomorrow People - Raymond Scott

Tracy Had a Hard Day Sunday - The Clientele

The Earth Above The Sky Below - The Chosen Few

The Planets - Gary Bartz Ntu Troop

Going In Circles - Dwight T Ross

The Best Powwow Song I Heard In A Long Time... - Shane Burnstick

Dirty Rotten Demo - Jeru The Damaja

Les voleurs d'eau - Henri Salvador

Let's Do The Dance - Perry Ernest & his Afro Vibrations