Danielle - Ambassadeurs                                                                 
What You Are - Pete Brandt's Method                                                              
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - The Bobbettes

Aquarius - El Gran Combo                                                                     
SM - Mike Nyoni                                                                        
Cumbia De La Parada - Los Compadres Del Ande                                                            
Por tu amor - Los Darts -                                                                                             
Sweet Is My Name - Joyce Ormela Harris                                                               
Lost in the Crowd - Billy Byrd                                                                        
the girl who was afraid of ashtrays - Charlie Megira                                                                    
Similau - Desi Arnaz                                                                        
You Make Me Feel Brand New - The Inner Circle                                                                  
Falador passa mal - Os Originais do Samba                                                             
Diamonds - Roy Budd                                                                          
suicide is painless  -  fung po po                                                                 
Valley of the Sun  - The Early Times                                                                   
Reflection (Part 1)  - The Gaylords of Dominica                                                          
Sensual Intentions  - ESG                                                                               
Gimmie Shelter  - Esperanza Encantada                                                               
Sound Of Silence - Isao Tomita                                                                       
Gonna Make Time - The Frightnrs                                                                     
Walkin' Around - Letta And The Safaris                                                             
You've Got A Woman (Abel Edit)  - Lion                                                                                           
East Of Make Believe - Moon Kim                                                                          
16 Toneladas - Hermanas Navarro                                                                  
Strange Things Are Happening  - Wee Willie Denson                                                                 
Darkness - Edzayawa                                                                          
Shape Of Things To Come  - EZRA & THE POLKA DOTS                                                             
Alley Full Of Trash And Bottles - Otis Smith                                                                        
"Goldfinger" Theme  - The Silver Strings Combo                                                          
Wild Fang  - Wildfang                                                                          
Tobacco Road - Deejays                                                                           
Everybody Anyone - Itsuroh Shimoda                                                           
Strong Men - David McKnight                                                                    
I Just Wasn't Made For These Times - Shannon & The Clams                                                               
Ahh - Mehrpouya                                                                         
Underwater Boy - Virna Lindt                                                                       
Albert - Les Charlots                                                                      
Amame, Amame - Grupo Karabana                                                                    
Baby Stop Acting Crazy and Come On Home  - Duke The Ghetto Prince with the Al Chico Bailey Mwekuru Muthao - Melodica Teens Band                                                               
Nommo- The Magick Song - Gary Bartz                                                                        
Between The Sheets - Lukie D & Determine