Chanson Des Astronautes - WAWA et Les Camisoles Bleues      
Goombay Rock - Blind Blake   
1983 - Ry Cooper   
Wail of a Frail - Lori Jai   
Pollution - Keith and Rusty McNeil     
Pollution - Koko Taylor
Down In An Underground Passage - Leslie Hart    
Work Song - Isao Bito/Blue Comets  
funnel of love - the j ann c trio     
Monk Chant - The Raincoats
You Love Me, Pretty Baby - Banny Price  
(Hollywood Central Recording Studios acetate) - Unknown Band  
Should I Take You Home - Sunny & The Sunliners     
There's Time for Everything - Christy Essien-Igbokwe      
Alien Talk - Adkins, Hasil  
To Her With Love - Lester Farai   
Käes On Aeg - Velly Joonas
Current Obsessions - Faceless Rite   
Breakfast - ImpLOG  
The Natural Experience Microwave Boogie - Skip Jackson
No Time - Witch      
he's not there - the cliffmores
Luxery Life Style - Synthersizers Unlimited  
Wichita Lineman - Gil Trythall
The Back Stabbers  - Professionals
White Man, Black Man (Legend) - Saint Elizabeth High School Music Workshop
cumbia sobre el mar - cumbias en moog
Mushtaq - Bolbol Al-Hejaz and Soni Ahmad  
Summer In The City - Bob Azzam    
Shacalao - Cumbia Moderna De Soledad   
I feel it starts again - Suzanne Menzel     
Frankie Cosmos   
Dance Hall Thriller -  Malibu
Higher & Higher - Canada Goose   
dizzy - nancy sit
Ayo Ayo Nene -  Mor Thiam
Lý Luận Tình Yêu - Connie Kim  
C'est L'ete - Les Miserables
Summertime - Bucky Bea with Mary Lee & the Outvaders
Hard Times - Derrick Harriott  
Vamos A Bailar (Meet Me Staurday Night) - Emily Cranz    
God Only Knows -  Brenda & the Tabulations
How Will It End - Together Brothers
Perkelahan - K.Saemah & Bayangan Malam
Angel Face - T. King   
All Night Long - Glenda Ifill