Mevlana Boyle Dede  - Metin H. Alatli

Space Love - Billy Watkins & Group

Bad Girl - The Fabulous Denos

Harlem Shuffle - Little Woo Woo

Willie the Chimney Sweeper  - Ernest Rodgers

Hair - Johnny Laboriel

Honest John  - Johnny McRae

Pawn Shop - Diana Cole

I Had Many Friends  - Izintombi Zasi Manje Manje

Impeach Me Baby - Arlean Brown

Soul - Squatty and the Bot-Tys

The Rising Surf  - The Tandems

Maloya ton tisane – Michou

Real Rock/Version  - Sound Dimension

Real Rock Version - Sound Dimension

That’s all  - Sister Rossetta Tharpe

Small House Blues - Art Feynman

Burn Fire - Big Youth

Crime Is Taking Over The Nation - The Reobath Gospel Singers                         

Cumbia De Los Encuentros Sercanos – Los Lunaticos De Juan

Thai Molam Jazz - ???

Sweetest Taboo - Specialist Cole

White Birds - Hawaiian Orchestre

Down the Road - The Tiger

Fouh Sei Allah - Hamad Kalkaba & The Golden Sounds

Funky Puggin  - The Soul Fantastic's

Cumbia De Las Estrellitas - Organo Bailable

S-O-C-A - Levi John

Anokwar Truth - Sidiku Buari

Girls Don't Cry - Chen Ling Li

Sunset Mood - Carmen Lesay

Underground (Demo) - Curtis Mayfield

What You Can Do In Your Life - Petalouda