W/ Special Guest JayTram


I Need You Tonight - Abe "Surendra" Peters


Strawberries - John "Mandingo" Jones

Speak Ghetto Speak - Vince Evans

Chocolate Toffee - Saitana

Money - Ras Enoch

I'm Gonna Get You - Grace Jackson 'E' & The Galaxy



Eh Paka Way - 79rs Gang


In The Rain - The Chosen Few

Prisoner of Love - The Exciters

Get Involved - George Soule

Burong Hantu - A. Zanne & 50/50

Bring It With You When You Come - Abner Jay

Black Lung - Jack Shaw

Working Class Woman - Barbara Dane

In God’s House - Sisters of Song

**Talking w/ JayTram**


(Jaytram’s Set)

Happy & Blessed - LaVice & Company

All Things Are Possible - The Harmonizing Four

Slow Drag - The Intruders

Drop Him - The Ethiopians

The Upsetter - Lee Perry

Heaven Is In Your Mind - Traffic

Lay Lady Lay - Claude Denjean
Jungle Jalopy - Arthur Lyman Group

Tankar kichkachay

Endless Sleep - Jody Reynolds

Fun To Be Young - The Magic Tones

Timothy Leary

Fried Okra - The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band

Feels Good - Stud Cole

Honky Tonk Woman - Charlie Walker

Stoned In The Bathroom - Chubby Checker

Have More of Everything - Crystal Syphon

This Song  - Jerry Williams


UFO - Ms Charm Taylor

Let's Face Our Problems - Christy Essien Igbokwe