Salaam - Catalyst                                                                  

Why Should I Blow My Mind - Wayne Kirton                                                                   

Brother Where Are You - Thee Midnighters                                                               

Donde Esta Mi Hermanito - Skorpio                                                                        

All By Myself - Don Davis Jr.                                                                  

Raios de sol  - the suns                                                              

My Baby's Got Soul - Simon Scott                                                                    

Pourquoi Pas - Dany Play avec Pop Corn                                                        

The Brown pt. 1 - The Exciters                                                                   

Ernie the Narc - Georgie Leonard                                                         

Funcky Nassau   - Beachers                                                                 

Dzikolino Ni Zambia - Keith Mlevhu                                                                   

Ain't that Peculiar (Feat. Asha Puthu) - Peter Ivers Group                                                              

Karye Pyar [Featuring Nahid Akhtar] - Tafo                                                                           

Soundway - Wrinkars Experience                                                            

Lobos al Escape - Los Orientales                                                                 

Black Pepper - Yorba Singers                                                                  

Wong Ping - The Tradewinds                                                                 

Soul Medley pt. 2  - Mighty & Dolores Bennett with the Malicumba's                                  

San Francisco Woman - Susan Carter                                                                   

Love - Virgin Sleep                                                                   

Medicated Goo - Pp Arnold                                                                      

Smile Baby Smile! - Secret Lovers                                                                                      

Lagu Kebiar - Gamelan Gong                                                                   

Narration with Vocal of Travel  - Billie Holiday                                                 

And I Love Her e No Reply - Os Versateis                                                                                        

You Know My Name - John Lennon                                                                    

Blue Glass Bubbles - Gloria Ann Taylor  

Here I Stand -    Africa                                                                         

Baby Technical - Ryco Jazz                                                                      

Angel's Dust Boogie - Zeet Band                                                                      

Autotune - Niger                                                                          

Berimbau - Dorival Caymmi                                                                  

Tierra Santa - Petrona Martinez                                                               

Vacilando Con Ayahuasca - Juaneco Y Su Combo                                                             

Cassanova - EZRA & THE POLKA DOTS                                                          

Waterloo Sunset [Session Excerpt] - The Kinks                                                                      

Changes - Ian McCulloch                  

AMERICA! - Bill Callahan

In Persuit of Shai Hulud - The Sorcerers                                                

Dance With The Devil - Cozy Powell                                                                    

Psychastenie (Miles' Drum Edit) - Serge Gainsbourg With Michel Colombier

Toxic - Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra                                                

Turn The Beat Around - The Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band                            

Rain & Sunshine - Crossbones                                                                     

There's Gonna Be a Revolution - Wess & Dori Ghezzi