In The Dew And The Rain - Gene Lawrence                                  
Cha Cha Cha in Balboa - R. Masias and his Orchestra 
Dat Is Horrors - Lancelot Layne                                     
There's a Wrinkle in Our Time - 1984                      
Star Trek  - Billy Strange                                           
Party Man  - The Inner Drive                                       
Another Youthquake - Lennox Gray                                       
Kutoa Umola - Imamu Amiri Baraka                             
Working Man's Blues -  P.W. Cannon                  
Soul Is Born (it Ain't Made) - B.j The D.j Jones                     
Satan Go Away - Gary U.S. Bonds                                
Boogaloo Girl - Alfredito Linares                         
Donde - Bronx River Parkway & Candela All Stars         
It's Not Unusual  - Los Bravos                                   
It's Not Unusual - Big Youth                                         
Love And Happiness - Big Youth                                        
Concrete & Clay  - The Disco Stars                             
Come On Down  - Wild Fire                             
AIDS (African Indigenous Destructive System)  - Charly Boy
Ain't No Sunshine - Gregory James Edition                    
She surely must know (previously unreleased)  - West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band                                         
Ghost Riders  - The Soul Kings                                           
Spiral   - Essra Mohawk                                          
Let Your Hair Down - Yvonne Fair                                           
Walk On Brother -The Thoughts
A Taste Of Honey -  Hassles                                  
Forest Nativity - Francis Bebey                                      
Let's All Get Happy - Zane & Hogan                                    
Mi Sexy Amor (You Sexy Thing) - Hierro
Get Sexy  - The Escorts                                      
Try It You Like It  - Sir Jablonski                         
In The Beginning  - Franklyn Delano                           
Once In A Lifetime - Wasis Diop                             
Tropical Fever (part 1) - Caribbean Gay Torpedoes                
Il Cittadino Si Ribella - Guido & Mauizio Angelis, Susi, Guy   - Beretta 70
Public Access  - David Liebe Hart and Adam Papagan   
Waterloo At Watergate - Hank Porter & 4th Coming

La Petit - Madonna
I Won't Hurt You (alt. version) - West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
... Mugabe  - Norman Riley                                     
Sweet and Free  - Gayap Rhythm Drummers                               
Nature Boy  - Sil Austin                                           
Midnight  - Simon Scott                                             
Hey Baby - Los Flamas                                         
Summer Song - Los Chijuas
If Your Money's Spent - Napoleon Cherry 
The Time Has Come - Bayete Todd Cochran         
Darkness In The City - Jimmy Riley & The Upsetters        
Inner City Blues  - Amampondo