A Dream - David Axelrod                                                         
I Cry In The Morning - Dennis Olivieri                                                       
Love Misunderstood  - muchos plus                                                    
Moonlight - Apple and the Three Oranges                                           
Hum Drum Blues - Elaine Delmar w/ Ken Jones & his Orchestra                            
House Party - The Globe-Trotters                                                    
A Dream Within A Dream - Glass Prism                                                           
Guajira Sicodelico - Los Destellos                                                         
I've Been Looking For Love  - Bernie Tressler                                             
Space Travelling, Pt. 1 (feat. The Geniuses) - Robert Starks                                                         
Mambo Borracho  - Lito Barrientos y su Orquesta                                         
Laughing In Tongues - Laraaji                                                               
********************* - ******************                                                                           
A Stranger's Smile - D.R. Hooker                                                           
Take Me For A Little While - Tee-Set                                                               
Dig! (The Origin of Man)  - The New Creation                                               
Run Joe - Calypso Macniles                                                      
Life Is Buta Dream - Winston Shand & The Sheiks                                            
Penut Vendor  - Joey Lewis and his Orchestra                                          
Be With Me - Heads Funk                                                            
I'd Rather Go Blind  - Sunny & The Sunliners                                                 
Tropical River - Piero Umiliani                                                        
the deserted ballroom (from merchant ivory's "shakespeare wallah")  - Satyajit Ray     
Mysterium -  Morris Mark and the Mark V

L.C. FUnk - Lee WIlliams & The Cymbals                                                                                                          
Rub-A-Dubplate -  Kalibandulu & Combostyle                                              
Being In Love - JCB Band                                                              
Don't Cha Give Up - Mike Mandel                                                           
My Name Is feat. Robert "Sput"n Searight  - Sly5thAve                              
Feeling Alright pt 2 - The Guiness Cassanovas                                                
All At Once - Ty Karim - Romark Records                                                        
Theme For A Dream - Kong Ling                                                             
Candle To Burn -  Mojo                                                    
More, More, More -  Los Bandidos                                                  
I'll Be Good To You - Chatham                                                               
Knock Me A Kiss - Rudy Ray Moore                                                        
Rockin' bicycle - Domino,Fats                                                           
Ezhupaalam Kadamnu - S. Janaki & Brahmanandan                                              
House Call - Lorna Bennett & The Revolutionaries                                                                                
Little Green Apples - Judy Page                                                             
Des Millions D'Etres Humains - Jean-Yves Tourbin                                                     
Prelude  - Relatively Clean River                                                
We Travel The Space Ways #1 - Yann Tomita                                                           
Living In A World Of Music  - Louis-Virie Blanche & Constant Creation                              
We've Only Just Begun - Paul Griffin                                                          
Didn't I (Blow Your Mind) - Derrick Harriot