zool - elmer bernstien 
sgt.peppers lonely hearts club band - bill cosby 
sunshine love - rikki llionga 
laundrette - vivien goldman 
the rabbit habit - rebecca schiffman 
Skiing in the snow - The Beach Girls 
Gimmie Dat Ding - The pipkins 
Catch That Teardrop - The Five Royals 
lust - les baxter 
valley of tears pt. II - trey barker 
Down In The Valley - solomon Burke 
summer wine - nancy sinatra and lee hazelwood 
slum goddess - the fugs 
you're a mountain - roletta fynn 
shake it - the groundhogs 
unsquare dance - dave bruebeck 
sentries charge - al hirt 
buddy - bs2000 
Mike Tyson's Punchout - Nintendo Entertainment System 
iramos super mario - grupo falso baiano 
mazatlan - banda el limon 
come on feet - Melvin van peebles 
Stranded In The Jungle - The Cadets 
I don't need your kind - The Rocking Vickers 
flowerman - the syn 
flash and crash - rocky and the riddlers 
let me take you... - big star 
closer to you - jj cale 
the feedback - the feedback 
I just can't keep from crying - odetta 
sunshine of your love - spanky wilson 
greasy heart - yuya uchida & the flowers 
i hate you - the monks 
sales talk - francis coppieters 
bruce haack & ed harvey - snow job 
snow creatures - quincy jones 
how i wish i was a rollie pollie snowman - freezie jones 
lotus blossom - julia lee and her boy friends 
lydia the tattooed lady - groucho marx 
i'm mean - harry nilsson 
the ladies bras - johnny trunk & wisbey 
i'm hungry - johnny morisette 
on blackness - dick kent 
baby blues medley - jim bartow and the harlem blues consort 
your time is gonna come - sandie shaw 
opening theme - michael boddicker 
beyond the sea - bobby darin