I Believe - Billy Childish & Holly Golightly

I Plan To Stay Believer - Curtis Mayfield

I Believed - Dominic Frontiere

(Oh baby) I do believe I'm losing you - Billy Hawks

Rational Culture - Tim Maia

Beneath the underdog - Baxter Dury

The Ladder - Washington High School

Satisfied - ?????????????

Frique Comigo - Rita Lee

Carta Pra Você - Black Juniors

Whip It - Derrick Harriot

Too Much Pressure on The Kid - Jackie Wonder

Hill Over Yonder - Shadow

Peri Pherial Vision - Robert E. Medici

LSD 25 Ou Les Metamorphoses De Margaret Steinway - Les 5 Gentlemen

Hi Babe - Ngozi Family

Magic Dance - Su Kramer

Burn - Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band

Heatwave Set :
Tradition - Squeezing in the Breeze

Kumiko Hara - Paradise

Paulo Diniz - Mundo Velho

Ruddy Thomas - People Make the World Go Round

Blue Feather - After Midnight

Ryuichi Sakamoto feat. Iggy Pop - Risky

Nourredine Chenoud & Sid-Ali Azzoug - Absense

Ralph Macdonald - Calypso Breakdown

Bryhlo - Se Voce For A Salvador

Disco General - Παρασάνταλος (Parasantalos)

As Melindrosas - Te Amarei, Me Amarás

Ron - Hai Capito O No?

Pongolo - Smile

อรอุมา สิงห์ศิริ - สาวอิสานรอรัก

Bolão - Sem Querer

Keep Cool Babylon - Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus