Battlestar gallactica - OST 
Apache - the chiefs 
Cool Water - The Sons Of The Pioneers
Matey - paul page 
With a little help from my friends - David Peel & The Lower east side 
Pretty Plaid Skirt (and long black socks) - The Night Riders 
bad girl - Zakary Thaks 
baltimore oriole - lorenz alexandrias 
la harpe jaune - brigitte fontaine 
hey jude - the overton berry trio 
there's a little picture playhouse - Simon dupree & the big sound 
passport - jadoo 
la gang - Mazza 
teenage machine age - The Travellers 
beautiful daddy - ofo the black company 
chinatown, my chinatown - slim and slam 
icbyatht wt - cool breeze 
the duck - the hi-los 
i love a good practical joke - pete myers 
the nath family - untitled snake charming music 
gasser - roy eldriidge 
ban bang (my baby shot me down) - sam chalpin 
a beatle i wanna be - sonny curtis 
taxman/ chame o taxi - meire pavao 
save my soul - wimple witch 
now that's not love - Holly St. James 
bass in love - guy pedersen 
carmen mcRae - carry that weight 
peace of mind - federal duck 
p c p - Jeff and Jane Hudson 
mutato muzika (demo) - devo 
oh mr. dc - sugar minott 
soft shell - motherlode 
capricorno - Tommasi 
nee nee na na nu nu - Dickey Doo & The Dont's 
the dark forrest joggers - the black moth super rainbow 
tune up - andy bey 
jade pussycat - some 70's Porm Jamz (don't know the studio musicians)
watermelon man - karin krogh & the public enemies
johnny ande - gale haness
the last thing on my mind - gram parsons