Special Guest: CAGE (The Rapper)

guajira en azul - caj tjader & eddie palmeri 
abiyoyo - pete seger 
pushing the car - krzyszof komedia 
allergic to flowers - the jefferson hankerchief 
you knows what to do - barrett strong 
danse kalinda da boom - dr. john 
summertime - john coltrane 
hard drugs PSA - bill withers 
junkies and monkeys - kay weaver 
baby let me follow you down - jonathan king 
fat fat fellow - daniel janin 
agent orange - cage 
CWW drop - javelin 
pretty style - sir henry and his butlers 
mother nature song - davey graham 
steam powered aereo plane - john hartford 
honey, won't you allow me one more chance? - henry thomas
shotgun blues - bob campbell 
if loving you is wrong I don't wanna be right - ramsey lewis 
CAGE INTERVIEW - talky talk talky 
I wanna Holler (but this towns too small) - gary US bonds 
she's too much for my mirror - captain beefheart 
my love lies limp - alternative tv 
blackmachine - mini 
one flew over the cuckoo's nest - jack nitzche 
everybody daylight - brightblack morning light 
secondo coro delle lavendaie - Roberto De Simone 
Fat Kids Need An Anthem - CAGE
Kick Rocks - CAGE