t was a good one. There are some gems inside here. For example: A calypso song by Louis Farrakhan about a she-male. Yes, THE Louis Farrakhan, before he was THE Louis Farrakhan.


intro- humpback wolvess 
joe joe the cannibal kid - davy graham 
cowboy yodel - pete seeger 
dunce cap - herman and the aquarians 
the big ship - brian eno 
mr. rainbow - slapp happy & faust 
umbrella man - the searchers 
starry ride- the alright family band 
dead - ede robins 
the monkeys paw - michael levitan and gillian rivers 
the parting glass - the clancy brothers 
can i do it for you (part two) - menphis minnie & kansas joe 
34 ghosts IV - nine inch nails 
people make the world go round - the now generation 
break-a-way - irma thomas 
i'm the hunter, you're the tiger - kay martin 
you can't blame me - johnson, hawkins, tatum & durr 
tracks of my tears - jackson 5 
ain't no sunshine - Michael Jackson 
ain't no sunshine - rahsaan roland kirk 
ain't no sunshine - horace andy 
the u is smooth - grand daddy I U 
the world is a ghetto - northern arizona university music camp 
black dahlia - johnny legend 
masquerade - armando trovajoli 
put your own words to it - billy 
way back home - crusaders 
breuddwyd - bran 
baby lemonade - syd barrett 
talky talky talky - talky talky talky 
the beat goes on - buddy rich 
coconut brown - jc davis 
the wrong house - dyke and the blazers 
is she is, or is she aint? - louis farrakhan 
rats revenge part 1 - the rats 
rats in my room - leona anderson 
curly locks - junior byles