With Special Guest J. Howells Werthman who came through with the Brazilian records.

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total bells and tony - dick hyman 
get together - earl brown 
funky dj - fried chicken 
image of a surfer - lloyd thaxton 
'tits yeux noires - lawrence walker 
acid - ray barretto 
eat me - howard walker 
psychedelic excursion - broadneck 
romper room - the juggaknots 
down is up - moondog 
be my baby - dm smith 
samba de orfeu taken from "black orpheus" 
tanganica - luis carlos vinhas 
errare humanum est - jorge ben 
para lennon e mccartney - milton nescimento 
alfomega - caetano veloso 
take me back to piaui - juca chaves 
objeto sim, objeto nao - gal costa 
iria para 4 corda - beat boys 
capela do amor - wanderl a 
devolva-me - ?????? 
meo grito - the jones 
nao adianta - trio mocoto 
ye-me-le - luis carlos vinhas 
the minotaur - dick hyman 
also sprach zarathustra (2001) - deodato 
brazilian beats - j. rocc 
crickets for anna-maria - marcos valle 
ondo anda a meu amor - orlando 
the king's bounce - free som orchestra 
presente grego - artthur verocai 
beautiful day - spider harrison 
limbo: the organized mind - raymond scott