With Special guest Todd-O-Phonic Todd who came through with the 45's and spun some oldie gems

eli is coming - the roundtable 
dance the slurp - 7 Eleven 
dear prudence - the five stairsteps 
if i were a carpenter - thane russell 
that's how strong my love is - the gaylettes 
onion breath baby - elroy peace 
california hippie murders - red river dave 
you ain't no hippie - the hueys 
hippie in a blunder - johnny bucket 
pot party - dr. cough 
dope kings last stand (excerpt) - jimmy carter 
fried chicken - the marylanders 
chicken back - the carpets 
chicken rhythm - slim gaillard 
the farmer - the seeds 
thru the rhythm - 13th floor elevators 
midnight hour - ? and the mysterians 
little red riding hood - MC5 
flash and crash - rocky and the riddlers 
out of time - rolling stones 
dew drop inn - jean mays 
wailin' - the wailers 
a bone - the trashmen 
albino bat - the regents 
the zoo - mickey lee lane 
the lone twister - the lone twister 
rockin' bulevard street - ernie maresca 
the guy with the long liverpool hair - the outsiders 
concentration baby - the dave clark five 
cock-a-hoop - manfred mann 
you got your finger in my eye - willie parker 
police on my back - the equals 
beat your heart out - zeros 
nadie como yo - los yaki 
alfred e gous - the madman 
the martian band - the wildtones 
high flying wine - inflamable dan 
the mellow saxaphone - roy montrell 
money - ourselves 
patty baby - freddy cannon 
go girl go - jett powers 
talky talky talky talk talk talk 
young folk and old folk - the third eye 
the rising tide - the frederick martin band 
land of milk and honey - mouth and macneil 
nola - horst jankowski 
dans la loisianne - vin bruce 
over te rainbow - charles ganimian