diane - jo ann castle 
why don't you do right? - lil green 
humpin, bumpin and thumpin - andre williams 
barbarabateri - beny more 
my wife is french - c. newman & janet smith 
rap on mr dj - hamilton bohannon 
you've got a lot to learn - henrietta and the hairdooz 
lonely teardrops - ken boothe 
the illustrated man - bob jacobs 
poetry and motion - charles bukowski 
sitar sitter - the scottmen 
say it loud - lou donaldson 
let it all hang out - barney pip 
mango meat - mandrill 
japanese calypso - tomoko takara 
white people thing - lee hazelwood 
some velvet morning - lee hazelwood and phaedra 
black widow spider - them 
at the river's edge - wet paint 
i shall not be moved - reverend edward w. clayborn 
walk tall - cannonball adderly 
anti-heroine PSA - curtis mayfield 
the college crowd - abner jay 
rocbuafro with LSD - jerry rayson 
tick tock sick - jim henson 
talky talky talky talky 
the devil sat down and cried - savannah churchill and the 4 tunes 
too many people - the leaves
detroit michigan - andre williams
it's not what you say - louie ramirez
what's a telephone bill? - bootsy collins
meshkalina - traffic sound
i'm just gonna love you a little more, baby - kelle paterson
harper valley pta gossip - effie smith 
satisfaction - jimmy smith
song for my father - leon thomas
black ice - goodie mob 
chalice in the palace - u roy 
the fife player - the dynatones 
astral traveling - pharoah sanders