Great show this week. Our special guest, the beautiful Ms. Roletta Fynn sang to us in our little studio on 1st avenue. It was a cold, blustery, fall day in old new york town. Ricky Powell was in the house - lifting everyone's spirits. We reflected on the genocidal history of our great American Empire a little, some other stuff happened...check it out

bacarolle - heinz funk electronic combo 
walking at night in key west - allen ginsberg 
atom and evil - golden gate quartet 
atomic sermon - billy hughes and his buckaroos 
atom bomb - glen barker 
bomb - gregory corso 
old man atom - the sons of the pioneers 
i'm the urban spaceman - the bonzo dog dooh-dah band 
atom - main source 
darkest light - lafayette afro rock band 
anti-drug psa - ravi shankar 
now i taste the tears - fearns brass foundry 
parted - gary bartz 
*Special Live Performance by Ms. Roletta Fynn -"What'll I Do"* 
exodus - ferante and teisher 
better off dead - bill withers 
the weight - moog machine 
last waltz - lynn taitt and the jetts 
the spook - pete drake 
be my husband (live) - nina simone 
come away - ESG 
small car - marvin pontiac 
drug PSA - james taylor 
misery - barrett strong 
*Live Performance by Ms. Roletta Fynn - "You Belong To Me" & "You're A Mountain"* 
lundee dundee - the versatiles 
metastophaliese - exuma 
milky white way - the trumpeteers 
moulin rouge - tim buckley 
soul machine - the meters 
push and pull - sons of slum 
nobody knows - brute force 
*talky talky talky talky * 
easin' in - edwin starr 
your mind - magnum 
a hard day's night - peter sellers 
Champagne and Roses - ????? 
sick city - charles manson 
frantic moment - eddie hazel 
you don't love me - the starlets 
with a girl like you - henry III
lecture on the history of us wars - howard zinn