Special Guest DJ SNAFU (of Junk Science) diggs through his old beat tapes (pretty awesome collection of stuff). 

peur sur la ville - john zorn 
gone are the promises of yesterday - 24-carat black 
push on jesse jackson - pace setters 
ed kotch on wolves - ed kotch 
tomi tomi - kanui and lula 
go away from my door - monroe moe jackson 
papa, en gang till - peter holm 
johnny remember me - john leyton 
traditional sicilian melody - tabby andriello 
the revolution will not be televised (stripped down) - gil scott heron
V.C.7 - fela kuti 
sunlight shining - galt mcdermot & lela galloway 
menevat miehet - those lovely hula hands 
cherry cup-cake twist - blues section 
super music man - the apple pie motherhood band 
requiem pour un con - serge gainsbourg 
i hear the love chimes - syl johnson 
spacing out - the invaders 
mr. incognito - a tribe called quest 
champ - german top five 
talky talky talky talky talky talky 
*chronological beat collection- DJ SNAFU of Junk Science* 
night and day - the comedian harmonists 
queen gorrilla - spirit 
harlem nocturne - Esquivel 
heartbeat - the trashmen 
a good combination - positive K 
gone, the promises of yesterday - mad lads 
hashish party - george garvarentz 
hang down your head Tom Dooley - incredible bongo band 
alright alright - dead milkmen 
ride - nick drake 
the end - topost