st james infirmary - new orleans' billie and de de preservation hall jazz band 
skull session - oliver nelson 
amor branco e preto - rita lee 
99 and a half won't do - sister rosette tharpe 
unchained melody (acapells) - the fleetwoods 
two faces of love - ben brown and the melody masters 
hop dedik - erol buyukburc 
the things we said today - the pleasure fair 
i wanna hold your hand - al green 
long black cadillac - jackie washington 
red threat - fang 
farewell to cheyenne - ennio morricone 
over there - jen chapin 
scraborough fair - the roundtable 
who's who - fred merritt and friends 
angela jones - michael cox 
the bones fly from spoons head - lightin' rod 
breaks intro - kurtis blow 
balkin' fest - boban markovic orkester 
little green apples - fats sadi 
you can't do that - the pebbles 
im your puppet - jimmy london 
lovin' it (inst) - little brother 
mae rhywyn wedi dwyn fy nhrwyn - y tebot piws 
where there's woman - captain beefheart 
magical land - magic group 
kesse ye lolo de ye - stevie wonder and friends 
money, money, money - slim gaillard 
paper rain - eddie callahan 
lonely sun - he5 
listen here - valorie keys 
hide and seek - jeri kelly 
king of the road - hi hopes 
bronx lullabye - tom waits 
and i love her - byron lee & the dragonaires 
down for the last time - ronnie keaton 
baby i love - the sugarman 3 
synthetic substitution - melvin bliss 
psychedelic boy - the leopards 
red cat til i die - ry cooder 
hummin' - quincy jones 
ego trippin' part 3 - de la soul 
mind power - james brown 
t plays it cool - marvin gaye 
herb man trafficking - welton iris 
soul rebel - the wailers 
be thankful for what you got - william devaughn