i found you - yvonne fair 
married blues - kenneth rexroth 
blackbird - nina simone 
dambala - exuma 
sittin on the top of the world - lonnie young 
j'ai tout lu tout vu tout - jaques dutronc 
gloomy sunday - billie holliday 
golliwogs cakewalk - tomtia 
don't you want to stay? - bill withers 
picture on the wall - dennis alcapone 
zeppellini - juice leskinen & coitus 
dead finks don't talk - brian eno 
flight of the ibis - mcdonald and giles 
viva puerto rico libre - the ghetto brothers 
a.c.w.a.l.l - babbletron 
spinnin' wheel - peter convent band 
the wind - little eva 
diamonds - bixio 
taxi driver - bernard herman (with plot synopsis by ricky powell)
torture - kris jensen 
show me the way to your heart - little iris culmer 
stay off the drugs kids! - teenage mutant ninja turtles
mr fortune - the hitctchikers 
if the bible's right - bo diddley 
st. james infirmiry blues - abner jay 
i only have eyes for you - the flamingos 
tom waits & william s. burroughs - 'taint no sin 
it could have been very, very beautiful (live in tokyo) - the lounge lizards
legend in his own mind - gil scott-heron 
welcome new warmth - michel sardaby 
i'm in your hands - mary love 
past, present & future - the shangri-las 
madame superman - elisabeth 
bumble bee - lavern baker 
blowin in the wind - sam cooke 
two little fishes and five loaves of bread - sister rosetta sharpe